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USA Propane offers forklift cylinder service at a reasonable cost!  Contact us for information on our regular cylinder service.  It is simple!  Let us know your average cylinder usage and we will make sure you have the appropriate number of cylinders at your place of business.  We will make regular exchange deliveries to your location where we will swap full tanks with your empty tanks.  Plus, we do it at a low cost to you! 
If you are currently with a propane company that fills your tanks at your location (also called "spray fill"), please be aware that this is a major danger to you and your employees. Filling tanks on location can be very dangerous operation. Make sure your own insurance company is aware of this practice. If you choose to have USA Propane service your forklift cylinders, be aware that we NEVER fill tanks at your location but instead operate entirely as an exchange service. This eliminates the problems of filling tanks at your location and the dangers associated with this inappropriate practice.